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The Girl Who Didn't Make Sense
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If you must know I'm me and that's all there is to it. This is me just being extremely random, sarcastic, snarky and, on occasion, profound.

I am: a liberal, a romantic, an idealist, a dreamer, a music love and a musician, a lover of dance, a science geek, a band geek, a college graduate, current grad student and hopeful Peace Corps volunteer.

I have a love affair with Spanish cuisine and Japanese cuisine, especially when it comes to presentation.

If you have problems with a WoC speaking her mind, not playing into your stereotypes and not tolerating your exoticizing of me and my culture then move along.

Please feel free to comment, non-lj users if you would like a reply leave me some way to contact you.

Friending Policy
This journal is now pretty much friends only with only 9 public entries of either news stories I find interesting with my bits of commentary or of something that I feel is important. Comment to be added if you wish, I like meeting new people and making new friends.

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